Exports in September register 5.99 pc rise

Exports up 6.16 percent in January

New Delhi: Due to the demand of grains, rice, iron ore, pharma products and medical equipment in the international market in September this year, the Indian export has registered a rise of 5.99 per cent.

As per the data released here by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, exports worth 27 billion 58 crore dollars took place in September 2020.

During the same month in the previous year the exports were worth 26 billion 20 lakh Dollars.

In the current financial year, the total export has been of total 125 billion 25 crore Dollars.

As per the numbers, in the last year the export till this time were of 159 billion 16 crore Dollars, and this time there has been a drop of 21.31 per cent in that.

This year’s import in the month of September has dropped by 19.60 per cent, and was of 30 billion 31 crore Dollars.

During last year’s September the total import was worth 37 billion 69 crore Dollars.

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