You can easily fulfill your dream of home through EPFO

Having your own house is also a fundamental need and everyone’s dream. However, at times when we want to buy a house in a good location, it is not very easy. Even after deposits, there is a shortage of money to buy a good house. The entire process from down payment to repayment of loan cannot be completed without adequate budget. Banks usually give loans up to 80 percent of the value of the house. In such a situation, 20% of the amount has to be arranged as a down payment. Apart from this, if you make more down payment then the interest of home loan will be less.

Now the question is, where to arrange more money for the down payment. If we want to buy a house, then we should keep some deposit at our level, but have not been able to do so, you can fulfill the dream of the house through your PF account. Let us tell you that an effort has been started by EPFO ​​i.e. Employees Provident Fund Organization, under which there is a plan to provide houses to 10 lakh people with the Ministry of Labor.

This effort has been started by EPFO ​​under PM Narendra Modi’s scheme to provide housing to all by 2022. Employees, companies, financial institutions and housing agencies will work together in this scheme. Let’s know, how you can fulfill the dream of home through EPFO…

  • 10 or more people get together and register a society.
  • Apply for a certificate of fund and contribution to the PF office through the Society.

Banks / Financial Institutions will provide loan facility on the basis of this certificate.

The society will arrange houses in association with government and private housing companies.

  • The cooperative society, central government, state government, housing agency and promoter or builder will be paid directly.

Apart from this, this facility has also been provided by EPFO ​​that you can pay up to 90% from the PF account for the purchase of your house. Not only this, you can also pay monthly EMI through your PF account.

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