Gold will soon cross Rs 45000 level

Do not delay in shopping, gold will soon cross Rs 45000 level

If you want to buy gold, do not delay. Already 10 grams of gold prices have crossed Rs 44000 and it is expected to cross 45000. The effect of corona virus is now visible on the gold market as a whole. On Monday, the price of gold in Delhi went up by Rs 953 to cross Rs 44,000 due to the rise in the price in the international market.

 According to experts, the next stop of gold is Rs 45,000 per 10 grams. In the circumstances that are being created right now, if gold crosses the 45,000 level and creates a new record then it will not be a big deal.

Gold reached $ 1,680 an ounce (32 grams) in the international market. It is said to reach $ 1,700 an ounce. Guess if the price of gold will increase by $ 1700 an ounce, then the price of gold in the Indian market is going to increase in the same proportion.

Gold prices have reached the highest level of 7 years. Such a high gold level was last seen in January 2013. In contrast, Corona is negatively impacting the stock market and the raw chel market. On Monday, the domestic stock market declined by 2% and crude oil has also fallen by more than 4%.

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