LIC may be listed in foreign markets

New Delhi: The country’s largest insurance company LIC can be listed in foreign markets. The government is seriously considering this possibility. It is believed that through this the government wants to give a concrete message to foreign investors. The government has already announced to sell some of its stake in LIC. Preparations are on for an IPO for this.

Recently there was news that the government may sell 25 per cent stake in LIC. For this, he will have to change the LIC Act. Also, there will be a change in the company law to list Indian companies directly in foreign stock markets. The government had announced disinvestment in LIC in the budget. Deloitte and SBI Capital Markets have been made transaction advisors for LIC. Simultaneously, the process of amendment of LIC Act has also started. According to the current law, only the government can have a stake in LIC.

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