Government eases family pension rules for disabled survivors

Government eases family pension rules for disabled survivors

New Delhi: The government has issued orders to liberalize the eligibility requirements for the award of a family pension for the child/sibling of a deceased government servant or a pensioner.

Relaxation of the family pension is provided to injured survivors when they need further medical treatment and financial support.

“The Government is of the view that the income criteria for eligibility for family pension, applicable in the case of other family members, may not be applied in the case of a child/sibling suffering from a disability,” said Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions in a statement.

The Commission has determined that the income requirements for the eligibility of certain children/siblings for a family pension shall be proportionate to the amount of the family pension entitled in their case.

As per the law, a kid of a deceased Government servant or pensioner, who has a mental or physical impairment, is eligible for a family pension for life if he or she has a disability that prohibits him or her from making a living.

Currently, a member of the family, including a kid suffering from a disability, is assumed to have received his or her livelihood if his or her income from sources other than a family pension is equal to or greater than the minimum family pension, i.e. Rs 9000/-and liable for the Dearness Relief.

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