Tips to start a part-time online business

Online business are the new normal. Yes, there was a time when entrepreneurs needed a lot of money to start a business.

However, since now everything is turning online – websites and apps in education, health, shopping etc. you can easily set up a business with a strong business plan and unique idea.

You can buy a domain name with a basic plan and start things going. All you need is the time management skills to understand how much time and money you are going to invest in the part-time business.

If you are already on a full-time job then working on your business in the weekend is the best.

For example, if you are good in communication skills and have a lot of knowledge, then you can start recording videos on important topics every day.

On the weekend, all you can do is edit the videos and make it more interesting and upload on your YouTube channel.

The business is with you and the online audience who will watch your videos, increase your subscribers and probably give you a passive source of income in the long run.

By Sahana Iyer

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