The first 5G handset in India can cost Rs 50,000

Kolkata: “India’s first 5G handset” offered by Chinese smartphone maker Realme will cost around Rs 50,000. An official of the company gave this information.

He claimed that Realme is set to become the first brand to offer 5G smartphones in India after coming into existence in 2018. He said that although the “network is not available in the country”, the company is ready to offer 5G phones in India on 24 February.

“The Realme 5G handset will have 865 Snapdragon chipsets and will be available for close to Rs 50,000,” the official said on condition of anonymity. A leading website that provides information about mobile phonesets estimates that a low-capacity chipset variant may be available in the market for close to Rs 25,790.

The official said that the company wants to offer products that meet future needs and also those who travel abroad can use it as this technology is available in many developed countries.

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