RBL Bank revamps ‘RBL MyCard’ credit card app

New Delhi: In the wake of the current pandemic, RBL Bank has reinforced its new-age banking services to offer contactless facilities. With this, RBL Bank customers can fulfil all their banking needs without physical contact and from the safety of their homes and offices. As part of its continuous thrust on digital and to meet the ‘new normal’ challenges, RBL Bank has revamped its credit card app – RBL MyCard – to deliver a host of category-first features such as spend analyser, real-time disbursal of loan amount to any bank account and a fully-visual representation to keep you updated on reward milestones.

RBL MyCard also offers a new gamified interface that enhances a customer’s self-service experience. RBL Bank card customers can view their credit cards virtually on their home screen. In view of the current restrictions on movement, new customers can also start online transactions through an instant digital version of the card, even before the delivery of the physical card. Eligible card members can also avail of real-time loan booking/disbursal to any bank within India. Money will be transferred between 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the NEFT cycle.

In addition, credit card customers can see nearby offers from various merchants and latest milestones for eligible loyalty rewards in the form of a visual timeline. The RBL MyCard app also comes with a brand new spend analyser that helps you keep tabs on your credit card spends. With more consumers becoming vary of their spending, this feature will be greatly useful in analysing spends with a month-on-month and top-category spend view.

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