Online teaching, the new idea of starting up

If you are quite good at academics (no need to be a topper though) and are able to convey your knowledge through written or oral communication, then time to start up with a new venture on online teaching.

As schools and colleges have been closed since a long time and the education industry is still figuring out how to reach learning to the masses and classes, let’s innovate with your skills and encourage you to set up your business in EdTech.

Take a subject of your choice. Start reading about it and making notes.

Then go to YouTube or Facebook or Instagram and start recording lectures of the notes that you have made on the subject.

Make the videos live to the public. Slowly and regularly if you keep uploading and sharing with your network about your new venture, you will definitely start getting noticed.

A time may come when you can add a subscription fees to your videos and make money or collaborate with other business ventures who are into online education and make a profession out of it.

By Sahana Iyer

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