Liberty General Insurance launches ‘Critical Connect’

MUMBAI: In a bid to expand its health insurance product portfolio and provide insurance cover for up to 60 critical illnesses (CIs) including major and minor health conditions such as heart or major organ transplant, kidney failure, cancer, brain surgery, CIs related to HIV/AIDS, head trauma/injury, blindness, and multiple sclerosis among others, Liberty General Insurance Ltd. (Liberty) launched ‘Critical Connect’ today at a virtual product launch ceremony. This health insurance policy will enable customers to manage most of the expenses arising due to critical illnesses.Unlike a regular Health Insurance policy, where the customer makes a claim based on the actual expenses incurred on hospitalization, the Critical Connect Health Insurance Policy will pay a lump-sum amount to the customer on the diagnosis of listed critical illness covered under this policy.

Under the Critical Connect health insurance policy, the customer can choose from two plans for sum insured ranging from Rs 1 lakh up to Rs. 1 crore. If the customer opts for Plan A, he/she can choose Critical Illness Bundles covering 9, 25, or 43 critical illnesses. Whereas Plan B offers disease-specific bundles such as Heart Protect, Cancer Protect, Renoliv Protect, and Brain Protect. This policy can be availed by Indian citizens aged over 18 years and less than 65 years

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