Investment by P-Notes till April Rs 57,100 crore


New Delhi: Investment in domestic capital markets through Participatory Notes (P-Notes) increased to Rs 57,100 crore by the end of April. It hit a 15-year low last month. P-Notes are issued by Registered Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) to foreign investors who wish to invest in the Indian stock market without directly registering themselves.

However, they have to go through the entire screening process. According to data from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the figure for investment through P-Notes in Indian markets… shares, bonds, hybrid securities and derivatives was Rs 57,100 crore as of the end of April. It was Rs 48,006 crore at the end of March. The March figure was the lowest level of investment since October 2004.

At that time the investment through P-Notes in Indian markets was Rs 44,586 crore. Investments via P-Notes came down to a low in March due to widespread market fluctuations amid a slowdown caused by the Corona virus. Out of the total investment of Rs 57,100 crore till April through P-Notes, Rs 46,165 crore was invested in shares, Rs 10,619 crore in bonds, Rs 177 crore in derivatives segment and Rs 139 crore in hybrid securities.

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