Electric vehicle startup PURE EV ventures into global market

Hyderabad: The battery and the vehicle have been designed and developed factoring in the gradient requirements of Nepal, the company said, adding that it has developed “power train” capabilities and efficiency in its vehicles to enhance the user experience in rough terrain.

In a bid to expand to other international markets, the startup is also looking for good distribution partners that can create an efficient channel network for vehicle sales and service in the target markets.

“We will be expanding to other international markets as well over the course of next year with particular focus on South Asia, South East Asia and East African countries,” PURE EV CEO Rohit Vadera said in a statement.

PURE EV is partnering with White Lotus Motors (WLM) for distribution of its EV two-wheelers in Nepal.

WLM will establish two outlets in the capital city of Kathmandu as part of the partnership.

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