Yellow metal declines for the fifth consecutive day

Gold declines, prices reach near 44 thousand

Since the presentation of the budget, the brightness of gold is continuously fading. Today, on February 5, gold fell by Rs 163 per ten grams in the Delhi bullion market for the fifth consecutive day. Gold prices fell due to the strength of the rupee. After this decline, the price of gold in the capital Delhi dropped to Rs 46,738 per ten grams. This information was given by Tapan Patel, Senior Analyst (Commodities), HDFC Securities. Gold closed at Rs 46901 per ten gram in Delhi bullion market a business day ago.

Gold fell on Friday, February 5 in the Delhi bullion market, but silver shone sharply. On Friday, silver rose by Rs 530 per kg. With a jump of Rs 53, the price of silver reached Rs 67483 per kg in Delhi bullion market. The price of silver per kg closed at Rs 66953 a business day ago.

Talking about the international market, there was a rise in gold. Gold traded at US $ 1810 (Rs. 131950.00) per ounce (1 kg = 35.3 ounces), with an increase in the international market. Silver remained almost flat and stable at US $ 26.71 (Rs 1947.17) per ounce. On Friday, the Indian rupee showed some strength in the early trade. In early trade, it rose 3 paise to reach a price of Rs 72.93 against a dollar.

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