Transactions on Rupay card now also on slow internet

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has added a contactless offline transaction feature to the Rupay Card. With this, RuPay card holders will be able to make contactless offline payments at Point of Sales (PoS) machines even in areas with limited internet availability. Along with this, wallet facility has also been offered for convenient retail transactions.

NPCI said in a statement that these additional facilities have improved the transaction experience for the Rupay cardholder. With the RuPay NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) card, customers can store money for fast transactions and make payments on POS machines even when there is poor connectivity.

Rupees NCMC offline wallet can be used for small payments during the journey such as traveling by metro, bus tickets, cab fare etc. This feature enables the card holders to make automatic quick cashless payments. These transactions are faster than regular card transactions.

The statement further said that the offline wallet facility has been extended to retail stores with RBI approval for the pilot of retail offline transactions. It is also part of the pilot. It is usually difficult to make digital payments in remote areas, basement stores, etc., when there is no internet or its speed is low. But the rupees card’s contactless offline payment feature will not be a problem for customers.

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