Startup Celestial e-mobility makes electric tractor

After growing electric vehicles scooters, bikes and cars across the country, a startup company has now developed an electric tractor. This tractor has been built by a Hyderabad-based start-up company named Celestial e-Mobility. This tractor can be launched by the end of the year 2020 and within the next 3 years the company is preparing to build 8000 e-tractors.

Currently, this tractor is a prototype model and the company is working on certification before the tractor is launched in the market. This e-tractor has a battery that can be removed and the tractor has a regenerative braking system. The energy generated by applying brakes through this technic charges its battery.

The special thing about this tractor is that all its parts are made in India. With the help of this tractor, farmers will be helped to make the work of their farm, barn easy.

Once the battery in the tractor is charged, it covers a distance of 75 km. This tractor can be charged with a domestic socket of 16 amperes. However, this prototype tractor is not the only electric tractor in the country, but before this, escorts introduced the prototype of electric tractor in the year 2017. But escorts did not start its production.

This electric tractor has a 150Ah lithium ion battery that provides energy to the 4.4kW electric motor. Tractor battery takes only 2 hours to full charge through fast charger. Talking about the capacity of the tractor, it has the power to pull a load of 1.2 tons.

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