Platform ticket up to five times costlier

Platform ticket up to five times costlier

New Delhi: For a long time, the sale of platform tickets at railway stations was closed, which has started once again. However, its prices have increased by 3-5 times. The railway says that the platform ticket price is to prevent the spread of Corona and this increase is being done at the same stations where there is a huge crowd.

The railway ministry said that there are a total of 78 stations in Mumbai division, out of which platform ticket prices have been increased at only 7 stations. Earlier the platform ticket was 10 rupees, which has now become 30 rupees at some stations. For this at the major stations of Mumbai, the relatives of the passengers will have to pay 50 rupees per ticket.

The Railway Ministry said that the Regional Railway Manager-DRM has been empowered to prevent congestion at railway stations. According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Railways, the powers to increase platform ticket prices have been given to the DRM. The ministry said that the platform ticket, which was made expensive this time, is not new and has been in circulation for the last several years. Platform ticket prices are raised for some time to control congestion. These decisions are usually taken at the time of festival or fair and then are gradually withdrawn.

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