LPG price increased by Rs 100 in February

Domestic LPG price was Rs 410.5 in 2014

New Delhi: After the inflation of petrol and diesel, the burden of LPG has also increased on the common people. Today, on Thursday, February 25, the price of cooking gas LPG increased by Rs 25 per cylinder. This increase is applicable to all categories of cylinders including subsidized and allotted under Ujjwala scheme.

This is the third time in February this month when LPG prices have been increased. Earlier, the price of LPG was increased by Rs 25 per cylinder on February 4 and by Rs 50 on February 15. Thus, in February itself, you will have to pay 100 rupees more per cylinder. After this increase, customers will now have to pay Rs 794 instead of Rs 769 for a 14.2 kg cylinder in the capital Delhi.

LPG is available at a price market price across the country. However, the government also subsidizes LPG cylinders to some customers. However, in the metro and major cities, the subsidy has been abolished by increasing the price for the last few years. Thus, in cities like Delhi, customers do not get any subsidy at any price and for 14.2 kg cylinders, customers have to pay Rs 794. According to the Oil Company official, subsidies are provided to people living in remote areas.

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