BoM ties up with LoanTap Credit for co-lending to MSMEs

Mumbai: Under the co-lending model, the bank will have an exposure of up to 80 per cent while the rest will be borne by the LoanTap, the bank said in a release. “Co-lending is the system introduced by RBI in the wake of the liquidity crisis at non-banking finance companies to enhance the credit flow to the unserved and underserved sector and make available funds to the ultimate beneficiary at an affordable cost,” the bank’s managing director and CEO A S Rajeev said.

In September 2018, RBI had come out with a co-origination model between banks and NBFCs for providing credit to the priority sector. Last year in November, RBI rechristened the scheme as Co-Lending Model (CLM), and revised the terms to provide greater operational flexibility to the lending institutions.

BoM’s executive director Hemant Tamta said the co-lending model shall help the bank to meet the priority sector lending target. It will be beneficial for all NBFCs having wider outreach and customers, who will be facilitated with low cost credit from banks.

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